The 写作中心 will be closed May 4 - May 19. It will be open online only from May 20-August 2 with closed dates of May 27, June 19, and July 4.

写作中心 Appointments 

To make an appointment with a 写作中心 consultant, start by registering at Detailed instructions below.

You can also call us at 812-237-2989 or email us at 寻求帮助.

Land Acknowledgment Statement

We acknowledge that the ISU写作中心 exists on the occupied territory of the Wea People of the Miami Tribe. Other tribes who have lived in this region include the Kickapoo, Piankashaw, 特拉华州, 苏族, 和Kaskaskia. We recognize that our presence here is a result of the forced cession of land by Wea Chief Jacco Godfroy and the Wea People in 1809. Most of the Wea People were forced to leave Indiana along with other Indigenous peoples, dividing the Miami Nation into two tribes, the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana. We pay respect to the Wea People and the Miami Tribe, acknowledging the painful history of forced displacement and the ongoing oppression of Indigenous peoples. We also recognize the vibrant present and future of the Miami Tribe. 我们支持6。,000 individuals currently enrolled in the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana in their efforts to regain the federal recognition that was stripped from them in 1899, and we affirm our committment to lifting up and honoring the language, 文化, and traditions of Indiana's Indigenous peoples.



访问 & register for an account.

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Choose an appointment slot. All available appointment times are shown by a white box.

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Fill out the boxes with information needed for your tutoring session.

If you’d like to have an online appointment, make sure to select yes under “网上见导师”?”

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Once your appointment is confirmed, you will see the “Existing Appointment” page.

In-person appointments: If you selected an in-person appointment, just arrive to the 写作中心 a few minutes before your scheduled time.

在线 appointments: If you selected an online appointment, return to the page and select “start or join online consultation” to be redirected to a window to start your video visit with your tutor. Appointments will NOT take place on Zoom.

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When you make your appointment, be sure to indicate whether you want to meet in-person or online. If you want an online appointment, check the box for "Meet Tutor 在线."






(812) 237-2989

2nd floor southwest corner


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星期五: 上午10点到下午5点
太阳: 下午4点到10点

Special ISU WC Dates
We will be closed on any dates when the university is closed and any dates when the library is closed.


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